Who wore silk robes?

Among the historical figures of men who wore silk robes are the following:

• Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. They wore silk robes as a symbol of their divine origin and power over the people.

• Chinese emperors. They wore silk robes with the image of a dragon, which was considered a sacred animal and the personification of imperial dignity.

• Persian shahs. They wore richly patterned and embroidered silk robes that emphasized their wealth and splendor.

• Turkish sultans. They wore silk robes with colorful stripes and tassels that reflected their taste and status.

• Mongolian khans. They wore silk robes with a simple cut and a minimum of jewelry that emphasized their military strength and modesty.

• Saladin. He was a famous ruler of the Muslim world in the 12th century who wore a silk robe as a sign of his religiosity and nobility.

These are just some of the historical examples of men who wore silk robes.