Stars and silk

Modern scientists, and scientists of the past, have long proved that silk has unique healing abilities. And many celebrities like to wear silk underwear and sleep on silk bedding.

One of the most famous fans of silk was Marilyn Monroe, she always went to bed on silk sheets, with a drop of Chanel No. 5 perfume. And nothing more. It was enough for a wonderful sleep.

If Marilyn Monroe were our client,
then I would choose silk bed linen on this page of the site;)

Modern beauties such as: Victoria Beckham, Cindy Crawford, Emilia Clarke, and many others prefer silk underwear and clothes made from natural silk.

After all, everyone has long known that when the skin touches silk, and not cotton, it seems to slide over the fabric, and there are no creases on the face that eventually become wrinkles. It also doesn't absorb moisture, so your beauty products work for you all night long.

Among men, silk bedding is loved by such stars as: Keanu Reeves, Quentin Tarantino, Mel Gibson and many others. And such a love for natural silk is quite understandable: it is pleasant to the touch, does not cause allergies, it accepts body temperature, and it is neither cold nor hot in it.
It's comfortable!

Chinese and Japanese emperors, Mongol khans, French nobility, nobility of ancient Egyptian civilization, Arab sultans, Indian rajas, Roman generals and emperors (including Alexander the Great) slept on silk, and you can’t even count everyone!

All of Europe, China, Mongolia, Japan, India, Egypt, the countries of the Middle East, all the powerful people in these countries, and those who could afford it, sought to use silk in their clothes and bedding.

After all, high society in all ages preferred natural silk!

And this will not change - after all, this is truly the best, royal fabric!