User manual

At all times, silk was considered a cloth exclusively for wealthy people and rulers, and this luxurious and delicate fabric requires neat socks and careful care.

So care guidelines:


  • Wash in water no higher than 30 degrees. Shelk does not tolerate high temperatures.
  • use special detergents for silk products. An ordinary alkaline powder can spoil such a delicate product.
  • With manual washing, it is impossible to grind and rub the flush product - you can spoil the structure of the fabric.
  • if you wash in a typewriter, then only in the "Shelk" "Or" delicate wash ".
  • It is not recommended to bleach - the cloth can yellow and quickly wear.
  • It is not desirable to use linen softeners.
  • Last rinsing should be produced In cold water with the addition of vinegar to get rid of alkaline residues on the fabric.
  • You can not unscrew the wet cloth and dry in the drum and in the sun.

Ironing and cleaning:

  • Iron flush with inside, setting the "Shelk" mode or not higher than 200 degrees.
  • You can not allow deodorant fabric, perfume, hair lacquer and other substances containing alcohol. It is also better to avoid sweat hits.
  • silk products can be dry cleaning, but taking into account the fabric features.