Payment and delivery

On our site you can place the delivery of the order to anywhere in Ukraine or the world, in various ways:

      1. Pickup:   at the moment Pickup is temporarily unavailable

    2. Delivery to any branch in Ukraine Carriage Company New Mail:

  • Transferring orders to the company-carrier is carried out on the day of the preparedness of orders;
  • delivery is paid by the buyer when receiving;  
  • payment both superimposed and imprisoned payment.
  • with the cash on delivery, the store takes an advance payment in the amount of 150 UAH. This amount is taken away from the total order amount!
    The shipment pays the buyer.

    150 hryvnia is the estimated cost of passing a parcel at 2 sides (to the buyer and back), in case the buyer has changed his mind, did not come, or simply did not take the goods. In this case, prepayment 150 hryvnia is not refundable. If the buyer takes a purchase, then he pays for cash on delivery 150 UAH less.

Cash on delivery is made in cash or payment of a bank card, upon receipt of the parcel in the "Nova Poo" branch

You can also make a prepayment on the Card Privat Bank, and pay attention to how you save on the cash on delivery commission on average; about 55 UAH.

Delivery time - usually one working day, but if you order delivery to remote areas - then 2-3 days;

ATTENTION! After receipt of the parcel, the parcel is stored for a maximum of 5 days, then it goes back, and you will have to re-pay the delivery and storage of goods, if you don't take it in time! Please do not tighten with the receipt of the parcel!

Please note! Delivery in Ukraine is carried out only by New Mail!

    3. Courier delivery in Kiev - temporarily unavailable

    4 . Delivery in the world (international delivery)

Delivery in the world is carried out by companies such as Ukrpochta and DHL.
The cost of sending is calculated individually in accordance with the carrier tariffs.