How to remove a stain on silk

There is always a possibility that your natural silk garments may have a stain. Silk is a very delicate fabric, and if it has a stain from food, cosmetics, sweat or other contamination, it is best to try to fix it right away.

The best way is to immediately take the item to the dry cleaners.
In order not to inadvertently damage the fabric, and to be sure that it does not deteriorate.

But there are less expensive ways to remove stains from silk fabric. But first you need to determine what type of pollution in your case. Below we list the most common types of stains and how to deal with them:

  1. Perfume stains
    Removed with a cotton swab dipped in ethyl alcohol. Gently rub the dirt, then wash your item by hand with silk powder.
  2. sweat stains
    You can get rid of them if you use ordinary medical alcohol, apply it with light touches of a cotton swab to the fabric. Sometimes you need to do this several times, after each time you need to wait until the fabric dries.
  3. Tea, coffee or alcohol stains
    Can be removed by applying a thin layer of glycerin to the fabric for 30 minutes. Then wash it off with water at room temperature (not hot!) and wash it with silk powder.
  4. Berry juice stains
    Well removed with vodka or 10% vinegar solution
  5. Cosmetic stains
    Spots on silk fabrics from cosmetics are most often well washed with ordinary silk detergents. They usually don't cause problems.
  6. Lipstick stains
    Lipstick stains can be removed using rubbing alcohol, but we recommend that you first place another unnecessary white cloth under the fabric so that the lipstick does not print on the back of the product