About Us

2020 is the year of foundation of the company. At the beginning of 2020, we started working on our brand.

Yes, this is not a lot, but we have been working for a long time to improve our products and make them the best in many ways.

So that they become a ready-made gift for yourself or loved ones.
All our silk items are quality, comfort, prestige and pleasure.
Silk is a very delicate fabric, and its touch on the skin is so gentle that it is like a silk kiss.

After all, every thing is a luxurious gift for any occasion, be it New Years, Valentine's Day, birthday or March 8th. This is a gift for a wife, daughter, sister or just a friend.

But men's pajamas and dressing gowns are a worthy gift for any occasion for the stronger sex.

We hope that you will like our quality and you will become our regular customer, because now 76% of customers make repeat purchases in our store.

We never write reviews to ourselves, like many other stores. All reviews on the site are written exclusively by our customers! Everything, to one.

This already speaks for itself! Enjoy!