Silk men's pajamas "Rome". TM "Silk Kiss". Natural 100% silk. Gold


Brand name:
TM "Sik Kiss"
Fabric composition:
100% natural silk
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2 шт.
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What could be better for a man's gift than men's pajamas made of natural 100% silk? She is so pleasant to the body that such a gift will always be appreciated.

This luxurious silk pajamas will make every day pleasant and you will feel a completely different quality of life in it. Natural men's silk pajamas Rome gold color - this is self-confidence and confidence in the future. This is the achievement of the set goals and the implementation of all the plans. It is masculinity and caring for loved ones. This is a high standard of living that is available to a real man.
This is one of the best pajamas in our collection. It is pleasant to sleep in it, and in the morning to drink a cup of aromatic coffee.
It is also important that natural silk is hypoallergenic, has healing and anti-aging properties. Besides beauty and comfort, men's silk pajamas are very practical and durable to wear. It is easily washed without changing its original appearance, does not fade, does not stretch, which allows you to wear your favorite silk pajamas for many years.
Pajamas "Rome" from TM "Silk Kiss" are made of 100% natural silk, without any synthetic impurities. Due to its softness and lightness, silk pajamas do not hinder movement, do not tight, do not stick to the body. The skin in it breathes perfectly, as this fabric is breathable. The same feature of natural silk ensures that the temperature is optimal for the body.

This is a no-frills home suit, straight cut. The top of the pajamas is fastened with buttons matching the color of the silk fabric. The sharp turn-down collar is trimmed with a light ribbon. The same tape complements the cuffs on the sleeves and the edge of the chest pocket.

A man who chooses silk pajamas for home rest will not regret it for several more years, because natural material tolerates constant wearing and washing well. 100% silk gently envelops the body, allowing it to rest after a long day at work. And there is no need to talk about how elegant and courageous a man looks in such clothes.

How to care for silk

How to care for a silk product:

  • wash by hand at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C or in a washer on the “Delicate wash” / “Silk” mode;
  • when washing, use gel for delicate fabrics, not washing powder;
  • do not use bleach and fabric softener;
  • do not twist or wring out the product, so as not to damage the structure of the fabric;
  • after washing, blot with a towel, and then leave to dry unfolded on a horizontal surface;
  • iron in the "Silk" mode without steam, but only after drying.

How to store natural silk?

You need to store natural silk:

  • in a dry, dark place, out of direct sunlight
  • the place where the silk will be located should be well ventilated
  • it is best not to store silk on the shelves, but hang it on a coat hanger
  • try not to get deodorants or perfumes on the fabric, this can lead to stains

Silk bed linen should be stored in a closet, as well as other silk items. This is a very durable acquisition, and with proper care it can serve for years without losing its appearance and its useful properties.

Silk benefits

Advantages of silk:

  • This is a hyperallergenic material that is pleasant to the body and does not cause allergies or skin irritation
  • Very durable material, high wear resistance, does not lose color and shape for decades
  • Excellent thermoregulation of the material, retains heat in winter, and pleasantly cools the skin in summer. There is no such thermoregulation in any other fabric
  • It has high hygroscopicity, which allows it to quickly absorb sweat and moisture and evaporate it just as quickly
  • The high air permeability of silk allows your body to breathe
  • Resistance to fire. Silk does not burn, but smolders
  • Thermoregulation adjusts to your body temperature
  • It rejuvenates the skin, stimulating the regeneration processes of the upper layers of the epidermis
  • It has a positive effect on the condition of the hair

Silk does not electrify and stretches quite well and does not attract dust
It has bactericidal and disinfecting properties, prevents the reproduction of dust mites and other parasites, so it makes the best bed linen
No other fabric has such a combination of such amazing properties.
Silk is a truly royal fabric, the best of which does not exist. This is not fabric - this is real magic: useful, smooth, durable, delicate and elegant...

And you are worthy of pampering yourself with silk things!

How to distinguish natural from artificial silk?

How to distinguish natural silk from artificial?

We believe that this part of the article is very important, as many people ask this question.

  • If you apply natural silk to your cheek, you will feel a feeling of warmth and smoothness, not roughness. By touching the front and back sides of the fabric, you can feel that: for real silk, these two sides are soft, while for synthetic silk, the wrong side is rough. Natural silk is cool at first, and then warms up from the skin.
  • It is always worth looking at what is written about the composition of the fabric, on the label. It should have the inscription "100% natural silk".
  • Silk "Armani" - is not silk, it is an ordinary synthetic with a beautiful name, be careful!
  • Natural silk does not burn, it smolders, leaving lumps with the smell of a burnt feather, because. it is a natural material. With the addition of synthetics, the fabric burns and leaves plastic lumps that cannot or are difficult to crush with your fingers. And it will also have a strong synthetic smell of plastic.
  • In natural silk, a piece of fabric is often attached for verification. Synthetics do not do this, for obvious reasons.
  • Natural silk has a brighter luster than artificial silk.
  • Natural silk does not creak when crushed
  • Natural silk cannot be cheap, because it is obtained in a very difficult way.
  • If you wrinkle a synthetic fabric for 10 seconds, then it will either not wrinkle or wrinkle with clear creases, while natural silk will wrinkle with soft creases.
  • If you rub a silk fabric on plastic, then it does not electrify, which cannot be said about synthetics (this method is well suited for checking in a store)


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